Can I call you if I have a problem with a module?

Our modules come with e-mail support only.

We try our best to answer your question within a few hours.

We know that you want to resolve your issues ASAP, but please, instead of calling us, send us an e-mail.

This way we can assign your inquery to the best colleague who will provide an expert level help.

My shop (modules page) died after installing a PrestaShop module. What can I do?

Please check if your hosting provider supports the IonCube Loader. It’s a free PHP extension, can be installed in a few minutes.

Your modules page will be available again by removing the module directory from the server via FTP. You can find it in your modules directory.

If you have IonCube Loader installed but the page is still faulty, please check your PHP Version. Our modules currently support PHP 5.6-7.2.

None of the above helped? Please send us an e-mail with the PHP error and/or your support code you can find at the bottom of the module’s settings.

Google Maps is not showing. What’s wrong?

It’s usually an API issue. Please check if you have enabled all the required APIs.

The required API list is available on the purchased module’s description.

Do you give discounts for renewals?

Yes, renewing a product’s support period is 30% cheaper than the original product.

What happens after six months of my purchase?

If you don’t renew your support option, you won’t get any updates after six month. You can use the software with the latest version that was available in your granted period.

How long do I get updates?

You get the software updates six/twelve months long, depending on the purchased variant.

How long is a license valid?

All licenses are valid lifetime.