After almost two years of working with the old shop functionality, we decided to take it to the next level.

With the new selling model we will be more capable of updating our current modules and releasing new products.

Our store items are ionCube encrypted as of today and required of having a valid license to function. This way we can prevent 3rd party developers to present our solutions completely or partly as theirs. It is also good for having a complete overview of the running instances, our support can be more efficient.

With purchasing a product you will get a single domain lifetime license, that means, that the actual item will work as long as the core system (and if there is any, 3rd party provider) allows it.

In your account area you are able to manage your licenses, so you can deactivate the current domain if you need the product on an other website.

You will receive updates and support for six months after your purchase. If the six months passes, you can download all the updates that were available during your support period, but you can renew your support and update privileges by buying an extension for a reduced price.

Our FAQ area will be updated on regularly and you can contact us via the Support or the Contact pages.

The PWS Team

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